​​​EQUUS Film & Arts Fest


What is SPOTLIGHT Rescue Series?



Working together to shine a light on the issues facing our 

horses, dogs and cats in need of rescue.

The Spotlight Rescue Series features shorts, docs and trailers for films about rescue situations (equine, canine, feline and human), and the individuals that work so tirelessly to save lives. The features include stories of neglect and abuse, but also stories of rescue and hope. Each 3 to 5 minute feature/PSA will showcase an individual or an organization that is making a difference in the lives of others, whether equine, canine, feline or human.

These short films each include a call to action with contact information for the organization and suggestions for ways that the general public can help. SRS Shorts will be created through Executive Producer JA Media Connections LLC (JA Media) with support from The Marley Project, Inc. and presented via the EQUUS Film Festival.

The featured organization will provide any available photos, video footage, interviews and/or articles giving the details of the situation. JA Media will provide support through editing and equipment and our local film/theatre students will create the PSAs. The finished PSA shorts will be featured at the 2017 EQUUS Film Festival in New York in November and in subsequent tour stops as applicable throughout 2018, as well as via social media, giving exposure to the organization’s cause.

The organization will receive a digital copy of their completed short film via the JA Media vimeo channel. This link will provide access to a download of the film that could be used as a commercial or to showcase a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign for a longer film or for funding for the group and their cause. We can walk you through that process and assist in locating filmmakers to help once you have funding in place if you decide to go that route.

JA Media will also retain the rights to utilize the footage in compilation films that could be made available for VOD. The organization will retain the rights to any funding raised by campaigns that they initiate, while JA Media will retain the rights to funding received through the compilation films.

This is a unique opportunity for a rescue organization to showcase the positive efforts of their volunteers and the animals that they save. It is also a chance to bring public awareness to the horrors of abuse and neglect and to let people know what they can do to help. This inaugural year of the program provides the opportunity to participate through special invitation for your group.

If you choose to participate, please complete the release form (and obtain signatures from anyone who is interviewed or filmed). We will walk you through the entry process for the festival.

Entry fees are waived through the SRS program thanks to the EQUUS Film Festival.

Please email julianne@jamediaconnections.com to get the ball rolling for your organization!