​​​EQUUS Film Festival 


Liana-Melissa Allen - Donkey's Kite: A Horse Valley Adventure
Equine Children - Youth
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al-CLRk62oQ

This gripping tale will appeal to a wide array of young readers, including horse lovers: the strong friendship the book portrays and the memorable adventures it details invite any reader to identify with the hero horse and his heroine girl. In a time of economic turmoil, a young girl fights for her stallion’s freedom from his new cruel owner. In her desperate attempt to save her horse, they suddenly find themselves lost in the silent and undisturbed Sonoran desert of Arizona that is merely a home for its creatures, both dead and alive. The girl and her beloved dark bay stallion, faced with horrific challenges as they try to find their way home, must fend for themselves in this merciless desert. With death waiting to capture them in its clutches, the girl and her horse wander aimlessly through this uncaring land with only love and undeniable loyalty to each other keeping them alive.

Liana-Melissa Allen - The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey

Equine Children - Youth
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al-CLRk62oQ

Liana-Melissa Allen - The Horse and His Girl: A Short Story of Loyalty and Love
Equine Children - Youth
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al-CLRk62oQ

Yvonne Barteau – The Dressage Horse Manifesto – IL USA
Author Attending – Table (Filmmaker) – Panel Guest
Equine Training
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kybdressage

Those who work with and train horses on a regular basis are likely constantly searching for new ways to make inroads and find answers when faced with tough training or behavior problems. Grand Prix dressage rider and performer Yvonne Barteau has trained her share of horses over the years—from off-track racing Thoroughbreds, to Arabians, to Friesians, to Warmbloods—and she asserts that everything that needs to be known about effectively training a horse is already known…by any horse.
“Each horse,” says Barteau, “will know and respect the person who figures out how to train him, if that person is fair. The best trainers are not only ‘horse whisperers,’ they are listeners. And readers. They listen to what the horse has to say. They can read horse body language and behavior patterns. They are calm and they stay calm under pressure. How did they learn that? By studying horses. Over time the horses told them how to be a horse trainer and they listened.”
Barteau believes that every dressage rider can learn to listen and read, and so experience greater success and partnership with his or her horse. In this book Barteau has used her knowledge and decades of experience and success in and out of the dressage ring to help put to paper what 10 different dressage horses would say to you about horse training if they could. Through the dressage horse’s mouth, from his point of view, readers learn: how simple things really are and how complicated we make them; the value of routine, consequence, and peace; the importance of leadership, fairness, and trust; the need for your sense of responsibility to match your ambition; plus, what kinds of rewards really work and what frightens, annoys, or causes horses to disregard us altogether.
If you listen properly, horses will tell you how to train them. This book is a published declaration of their needs as our athletic partners, fellow competitors, and friends.

Rosalyn W Berne – When The Horses Whisper – VA USA
Equine Non-fiction

When the Horses Whisper shows the capacity of horses to help us heal the human heart. It expresses i human language what horses have to say when given the chance to speak. It is a story about the bond between horse and human, and the communication made possible when the bond is based on love.  Conversations with fifteen horses, most of whom live and work in Costa Rica, are featured along with their photographs, capturing them as individual beings in service to humans on a shared evolutionary journey. This journey amounts to the remembering of our whole selves in the wholeness of creation, especially the parts we split off, deny, and place in shadow because they are too painful. Horses, as the book shows, can help us see these lost parts, and call forth our courage to reclaim them.  For the author, these included the loss of a newborn daughter, the mental illness of an adult son, letting go of a thirty-year marriage, and childhood sexual abuse. The story recounts the equine healing work that helped in reclaiming her authentic self. This book is testimony to the power of horses and equine healing work in transforming life’s losses into a deeper human wholeness and a further communion with the non-human world.

Rosalyn W Berne – Walking to Beauty – VA USA
Equine Non-Fiction

In Waking to Beauty, Rosalyn W. Berne explores the extraordinary experiences that have shaped her spiritual journey. This book follows When the Horses Whisper, which details the author's capacity to “hear” and speak with horses, an unexpected gift that changed her understanding of who we are as human beings, in our connection to other beings. Waking to Beauty considers the early childhood origins of this capacity, and shares the realizations that have flowed from this gift. This journey moved her from an external orientation, with a theistic God dwelling “somewhere out there,” to experiencing the divine as present within us and with our fellow creatures.
The crux of the book centers on Rosalyn's encounters with a mare named Beauty, which led her to a profound experience of God dwelling with us here on Earth. The new vision of spiritual evolution that flowed from these encounters opens profound possibilities for humanity, in its interdependence with other living species as well as the earth itself. Beauty makes it clear that human existence is in a precarious state, and that humans need to change in order to survive. But why would anyone take a horse's message seriously? Reading this book may help to provide an answer to that question.

Marta Moran-Bishop  - Dinky The Nursemare Foal – USA  
Author Attending 
Equine Non-Fiction
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8wmD7T-3zgMf829Tx85dQ

We adopted Dinky when he was four months old. He was bred to be thrown away, so his mother could nurse a more important foal. Too many of these foals are sold for their hides or killed outright. The lucky ones are adopted by a good family.
Although, I am a nurse mare foal, I am not a 'junk foal' as many in the horse industry considered me to be. I have grown up smarter, kinder, faster, beautiful, and more loveable than some of the high dollar foals that my mother milked.

Healthy Stables By Design – John Blackburn - USA
Equine Educational

Healthy Stables by Design turns the idea of traditional sheltering practices for horses on its ear, introducing the concepts of aerodynamic ventilation, strategic natural light, and passive solar heating and cooling into compelling horse barn designs ranging from exquisite to functional and everything in between. Long before sustainability in architecture became fashionable and a daily conversation, Blackburn used natural, local, and recycled materials in conjunction with the natural climate to create optimal living environments for equines.
With 160 projects across the United States, award-winning equestrian architect John Blackburn is credited with raising the bar on horse barns and equine facilities.

Susan Cain, EdD, LCSW – Riding Styles: Create A Breakthrough Relationship With Your Horse – IL USA
Author Attending – Panel Guest - Friday
Equine Training
by Dr. Susan Cain (Author), Monty Roberts (Foreword), Debbie Roberts-Loucks (Contributor)


"Prepare to learn about leadership from the experts...Horses!" Leaders today are faced with unprecedented challenges. Leaders have to build relationships that allow for easy transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships provides an engaging case study of inter-species trust between horses and humans. The book features the work of Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts, author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Listens To Horses. The book blends Robert's work as a world leader of non-violent horse training with current research on the value of being a trust-based leader. This unique blend of research, anecdotal stories, and engaging models allows for an interesting and provocative read on how leaders can engage followers in more effective relationships at work.

Ann Clemons – Wild Spirits: Running with the Herd – NM USA
Author Attending 
Equine Fiction

Two Wild Spirits — Hawk, a wild stallion, and Elena — forge an unlikely friendship in this story of self-discovery, drought, lost souls and family.
High Desert ranching is not easy in the best of times, but during extended drought it becomes a delicate balance of life and death that taxes even the strongest of ranch-raised families. Add the dynamic of a hardened teenage foster child and a wild stallion rescued from the system and the story takes an unexpected fork in the road. On the High Desert in New Mexico, her last chance before being sent to a detention center, Elena meets George and Sally Layton on George's family ranch. She also meets Hawk, an older emaciated wild stallion who has lost his herd — his family — due to a government round up and mustang auction.  While hiking on the mesa above the Layton Ranch, Elena finds ancient ruins and learns much about herself and her cultural history. In discovering more about her past, Elena finds a path opening to her future. The two Wild Spirits, Hawk and Elena, find they have much in common, as do all creatures on this earth.

Susan Count – Selah’s Sweet Dream – TX USA
Equine Children – Young Adult

Twelve year old Selah’s quest to become an equestrian superstar is haunted by her grandmother’s past and hindered by a horse with an attitude. She dreamed of a perfect sweet horse, but life is not a dream.
SELAH (Say-la) aspires to be an equestrian superstar. That would require a horse.
HER DILEMMA: Grandpa wants nothing to do with horses.
THEN: Selah sees buzzards circling the grasslands behind Grandpa’s farm. They are stalking a horse trapped in wire and Selah is its only hope.
DANGEROUS: The horse is wild and defiant – jeopardizing Selah’s dreams.
FOILED: The legal owner searched for the horse for two years and wants it back.
BUT: Selah is confident that God will provide her heart’s desire.
MEMORIES: Grandpa shows Selah a video, from long ago, of a phenomenal equestrian. Selah declares that she wants to be like her and Grandpa explains the rider was her grandmother.
HOPE: A world renowned horse trainer offers to train SweetDream and Selah.
FOILED AGAIN: Her parents could ruin everything unless Sweet Dream’s unruly behavior ruins it first.
LOST: Selah’s opportunity to mirror the equestrian talent of her renowned grandmother evaporates when the horse causes mayhem at the trainer’s facility.
NEVER GIVE UP: Will Selah gather her courage and face up to the trainer to save her aspirations?

H. Alan Day – The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest To Save The Wild Mustang
Equine Non-Fiction

The Horse Lover is a story laced with grit, humor, and hard-won love featuring one cowboy and 1500 mustangs. He already owned and managed two ranches and needed a third about as much as he needed a permanent migraine. That’s what cattle rancher Alan Day said every time his friend pestered him about an old ranch in South Dakota. When he finally agreed to visit the ranch, he fell in love with the its lush prairie. But what to do with it’s 35,000 acres?
The opportunity soon dropped in his lap to establish a sanctuary for unadoptable wild horses warehoused by the Bureau of Land Management. After Day successfully lobbied Congress, those acres became Mustang Meadows Ranch, the first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary established in the United States.
The Horse Lover is Day’s personal history of the sanctuary’s vast enterprise, with its surprises and pleasures and its plentiful dangers, frustrations, and heartbreak. Day’s deep connection with the animals in his care is clear from the onset, as is his maverick philosophy of horse-whispering that he used to train fifteen hundred wild horses. The Horse Lover weaves together Day’s recollections of his cowboying adventures astride some of his best horses, all of which taught him indispensable lessons about loyalty, perseverance, and hope.

Petrine Day-Mitchum & Audrey Pavia  - Hollywood Hoofbeats

Author Attending – Panel Guest
Equine Non-Fiction

Hollywood Hoofbeats shines the spotlight on horses past and present, as well as their owners, trainers and co-stars by featuring:
• Profiles of famous horses including Trigger, Champion, Silver, Mr. Ed and more
• Human co-stars such as Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and dozens more
• Behind-the-scene stories from the sets of historic films from D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation to Spielberg’s War Horse
• Secrets behind amusing horse tricks and crazy antics
• Descriptions of death-defying and dangerous stunts
• Hundreds of illustrations, backstage photos, and poster art
• And more!
Hollywood Hoofbeats would not be complete without an earnest look at the early days of the stunt horse. With truth and reverence, Mitchum reveals some of the more dangerous stunts horses were forced to perform before the days of animal rights and regulations. Hollywood Hoofbeats chronicles those harrowing times in stark detail and brings to light the sacrifices these horses made as they helped pave the way for increased laws and humane treatment for working horses and other animals. As Mitchum points out in her book, “Time and time again, movie trainers stress that the single most important ingredient in training a horse for any kind of work is trust.”

Janet DelCastille – Backyard Racehorse: The Training Manual
Author Attending – Panel Guest – Author & Horse Racing
Equine Training

We've been led to believe that the only place to train a racehorse is at the track - an expensive proposition and an unnatural one, especially for the horse. In BACKYARD RACEHORSE, trainer Janet Del Castillo describes how to condition horses naturally and economically at home or off-track in your own environment. Without medications. Just a lot of common sense and respect for the horse.
BACKYARD RACEHORSE is an honest, frank presentation of the realities of racehorse ownership, providing an excellent overview of what to expect when you join the wonderful world of racing. A must for owners, trainers and dreamers.

Cindy Elsharouni / Tamer Elsharouni – The Magical World of Horses Adult Coloring Book – FL USA
Equine Illustration Collection

An adult coloring book treasure for colorists who not only adore the equestrian world but appreciate gorgeous patterns that wrap around and add more accentuated beauty to these noble animals. Horses are amazing creatures and this book allows you to create beautiful works of art with unlimited imagination.
This book contains a collection of 40 professionally hand drawn pages that will not only take off stress from your daily life, but give you the ability to express your personal creativity. Each page in this book is a work of art that you can color and frame.

Author Attending 
Equine Photography Collection - Western
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WaggonerCowboys

The cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch are living legends, men who embody the attributes of the lean and dusty riders who braved the wild a century ago to make room for a herd.
They ride the trails of their forebearers, living a life and practicing skills that have almost disappeared. They ride for the prestigious reversed triple D brand of the largest ranch within one fence in the United States.
It is important to record their lives before they shut the gate behind them the last time. This book is a tribute to those cowboys and a way of life that is just a whisper on the wind.

Cate Folsom (John) - Smoke The Donkey – NE USA
Author Attending 
Equine Non-Fiction

Millions of people around the world were introduced to Smoke The Donkey in May 2011 as he was transported from Iraq to reunite with his wartime buddy in Nebraska. Now comes the book that tells the rest of their story, which will enthrall families, animal lovers and anyone with military connections.
This is a love story, the unlikely love story of a U.S. Marine from Nebraska and a donkey from Iraq who forged a bond that couldn’t be broken by war, distance or bureaucracy. In the tradition of “Marley & Me,” “War Horse” and, yes, even a bit of “Francis the Talking Mule,” Smoke’s journey from wandering beast of burden to international celebrity is as gripping as it is improbable.
The story begins on a U.S. military base near Fallujah, when Colonel John Folsom meets the little donkey after a general suggests it might be fun to get one. And it was. But Smoke quickly became so much more. A playmate. A parade leader. A way for lonely Marines stationed in Iraq to connect with their families back home through photos and gifts.
Eventually, Smoke would make a triumphant appearance at the Pentagon, gather friends on Facebook, gain an international following through news stories in a dozen languages and television appearances around the world, and charm everyone he met as he marched in the New York City Veterans Day Parade.

Artemis Greenleaf – Team Smash – TX USA
Author Attending – Panel Guest
Equine Children - Non-Fiction
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AGreenleaf

In this inspirational story, a promising show horse overcomes the challenge of being deaf to become a champion. After he retires from the show ring, he finds his way to Houston, where he struggles to adapt to his new job as a police horse. But when one amazing special needs horse meets five amazing special needs girls, it is nothing short of magic!

Connie Johnson Hambley - The Troubles  – MA USA
Author Attending – Panel Guest
Equine Fiction
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConnieHambley

Jessica Wyeth is no longer a fugitive hiding under assumed identities. Through sheer grit, she has reclaimed her life only to find out that what she fought for was an illusion. She is not the child of a picture-perfect New England family, but an unwanted castaway.
Broken, she tries to move forward by traveling to a remote town in northwest Ireland to train horses for a harrowing private jump race. Michael Conant, the rightful successor to his father’s dubious empire and the man she owes her life to, has set her up with everything she needs–world class horses, connections, and bodyguards.
Michael and Jessica struggle with their pasts and wonder if they are collateral damage in the war for the reunification of Northern Ireland or an integral part of its troubles. Jessica immerses herself in learning about her mother, only to find betrayal in her mother’s truths. Michael rejects the legacy of his father and is tested on how far he will go to keep her.
When attempts are made on her life, Jessica questions if it is her past that is catching up with her, or Michael's. Leaving the past buried could expose her to becoming another casualty of war.
“The Troubles,” sequel to “The Charity” and second in a series, continues the story of Jessica Wyeth.

Astrid Harrison – The Majesty Of The Horse – UK
Equine Photography Collection - General
Twitter: https://twitter.com/astridharrisson

Horses have played a central role in human societies for millennia, and this magnificently written and beautifully illustrated volume celebrates that long, eventful history. It pays homage not only to the physical splendor of the horse—its grace, beauty, strength, and adaptability—but also to its remarkable diversity. Equestrian specialist Tamsin Pickeral traces the evolution of many different horse breeds from the dawn of written history to the present day.

Jeanette Henderson – The Best and Worst Horse Camps Across America: The Triumphs and Tribulations of Living the Trail Rider’s Dreams – TN USA
Equine Non-Fiction

Organized by state, this book provides you with all the facts and figures you need, including GPS coordinates, water availability, facilities, miles of trails, and much more, and it ALSO gives you delightfully written and entertaining diary excerpts about what the place is REALLY like! Consider it a personal review of the camp, with insights into what makes it a good or bad choice for you. You won't find another book on the market like this one! Nearly 500 fact- and fun-filled pages!  You won't want to be without it when you plan your next horse camping trip!

Carole Herder – There Are No Horseshoes In Heaven – Canada *
Equine Non-Fiction

What would it be like to know what you need to keep your horse healthy and sound?  What can you do every day to make the most of your experience with your horse?  There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven offers a profound and passionate exploration of past patterns, guiding you through an entertaining and thought-provoking invitation to make alternative choices. Protect your horse from pain and discomfort, maximize your riding experience and gain insight into the ‘hot spots’ for horses, through scientific evidence and real-life stories.
There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven exposes the passé ways of thinking that have impacted our horses. This book examines horses’ natural way of being and shows how small changes in our husbandry can yield big results. It calls us to apply the philosophy of empowerment with a healthy dose of curiosity and move forward into interesting new times.

Linda Whittington Hurst – The Adventures of Red Feather: Wild Horse of Corolla – LA USA
Children Equine Fiction - Youth

Red Feather is a wild Corolla horse who is looking for adventure. He thinks the oats taste better on the other side of the fence that separates the Outer Banks of North Carolina from the sandy shores of Virginia. But is he willing to risk the dangers of the unknown for the thrill of the quest? Based on a true story!

Linda Whittington Hurst - Saving Wild Thunder
Equine Children – Young Adult

Joy Carpenter wants a horse more than anything else in the world and she is determined to get one. She works, saves her money and even convinces her mother to take her to the Chincoteague Pony Penning. There, she secretly plans on buying a wild colt at the auction! But things don’t go according to plan.  Will she ever get a horse of her own? Just when she is about to give up, fate intervenes in the form of a tragic car accident.  Joy and her new friend Danny rescue a newborn colt whose mother is from a wild herd of Corollas that live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  But will the foal live? And if it does, will Joy be able to keep it?  By Linda Whittington Hurst, author of Red Feather.  All proceeds benefit the Corolla Wild Horses.

Linda Whittington Hurst – Red Feather Goes to School
Equine Children - Youth

Red Feather loves adventure! Now that he lives on a rescue farm, he wants to join the other horses and children on trail rides. But in order to be ready for these new activities, he has to go to school. Second in a series. Text and illustrations by Linda Whittington Hurst. Hardcover. Limited amount of autographed copies available. All proceeds benefit the Corolla Wild Horses.

Robin Hutton - Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse – CA USA
Author Attending – Panel Guest
Equine Non-Fiction
https://www.facebook.com/sgtrecklessbook - 893
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SgtReckless1
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klIc0WhA91k 

A Mongolian mare who was bred to be a racehorse, Ah-Chim-Hai, or Flame-of-the-Morning, belonged to a young boy named Kim-Huk-Moon. In order to pay for a prosthetic leg for his sister, Kim made the difficult decision to sell his beloved companion. Lieutenant Eric Pedersen purchased the bodacious mare and renamed her Reckless, for the Recoilless Rifles Platoon, Anti-Tank Division, of the 5th Marines she’d be joining.

The four-legged equine braved minefields and hailing shrapnel to deliver ammunition to her division on  the frontlines. In one day alone, performing fifty-one trips up and down treacherous terrain, covering a distance of over thirty-five miles, and rescuing wounded comrades-in-arms, Reckless demonstrated her steadfast devotion to the Marines who had become her herd.

Carly Kade – In the Reins – AZ USA
Author Attending – Panel Guest
Equine Fiction
https://www.facebook.com/carlykadecreative?ref=hl - 201

A city-girl-gone-country, a handsome cowboy and a horse meet by fate on a southern farm.  She's looking for a fresh start and unexpectedly falls for the mysterious cowboy.  But can a man with a deeply guarded secret open himself up to the wannabe cowgirl in the saddle next to him? 
Deeply romantic and suspenseful, In The Reins captures the struggle between letting life move forward and shying away from taking the reins. Passionate, captivating, and full of equine epiphanies, this is a love story sure to touch your inner cowgirl.

Kay Kerr - Corolla’s Sand Horse Beach: Croatoan’s Memoirs – VA USA
Author Attending 
Equine Children – Youth

Laura Luszczek – The Story of Figaro – ONT Canada
Author Attending
Equine Non-Fiction

Laura's love of horses began when she was barely four years old, but it wasn't until she got her very own black stallion that she truly fell in love.
From the beginning, she was determined to get Figaro for her own-saving up her money and then arguing with the seller who was afraid to sell such a headstrong horse to such a young girl.
But Laura was used to handling tough colts on the track and pleaded her case: “You showed him to me for a reason. I was destined for Figaro to be my horse,” she told the seller. After lots of pleading, she took home her prize.
She trained him, grew with him, and bonded with him-becoming one in mind and spirit with her horse. As time went on, she came to realize that there was an unknown chapter in his life that made him act up with some people. His judge of character was pretty much dead on.
Laura and Figaro may not be in the history books as champion athletes, but they brought out the best in each other and showed each other the meaning of unconditional love.

Catherine Madera – Rain Shadow – WA USA
Equine Fiction

Leaving California and the ruins of a love affair, 21-year-old Taylor Reed heads north hoping to revive a dried out soul in rainy Bellingham, Washington. Intent on burying the past, Taylor determines to keep busy in the present. This includes following in her mother’s footsteps (whether she like it or not), a part-time job learning the art of the perfect latte from a sharp-tongued barista, and volunteer ours at an animal shelter. At the shelter, Taylor meets a savagely wounded mare shoes strength and grace mysteriously touch her own damaged spirit, reawakening old ghosts and inviting new healing. With the help of friends, including a handsome veterinarian with saving hands, Taylor discovers second chances are found in unlikely places and that, against all odds, love restores a broken heart.

Catherine Madera – A Hero’s Work

Equine Magazine Article

One Horse’s will to live became an inspiration to many. Article featured in http://www.nwhorsesource.com/ July 2009. To follow Hero’s story visit http://www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org/

Ben Masters – Unbranded - Texas USA
Equine Photography Collection - Western
https://www.facebook.com/unbrandedthefilm?fref=ts  http://unbrandedthefilm.com/collections/book?utm_content=buffer0a7ed&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer    

Cindy McCauley – Ivory Pal: Born To Fly Higher – Beyond The Blue Ribbons – OH USA
Equine Non-Fiction

Ivory Pal's future was bleak. The trainers had tried all the "traditional" Tennessee Walking Horse training techniques - the whips. the padded shoes. Nothing worked with this young horse, not even when his rider angrily hit his head with a whip to get his attention. Try as they might, the trainers could not get Ivory Pal to comply. The palomino colt had simply quit - given up. He became a show horse reject! That is until one glorious day, when everything changed in his life and in the life of his new compassionate owner Rafael Valle.

Eliza McGraw - HERE COMES EXTERMINATOR!: The Longshot Horse, the Great War, and the Making of an American Hero – DC USA 
Equine Non-Fiction

The father of the Kentucky Derby called him “the greatest all-around Thoroughbred in American racing history.” Sportswriter Grantland Rice simply called him “the greatest racehorse.” Now Eliza McGraw tells the story of how a gangling, long-shot Kentucky Derby winner named Exterminator became one of the most beloved racehorses of all time.
Here Comes Exterminator! draws readers into the golden age of racing, with all its ups and downs, the ever-involving interplay of horses and people, and the beauty, grace, fear, and hope that are a daily part of life at the track. Caught between his hotheaded millionaire owner and his knowledgeable trainer, Exterminator captured fans’ affection with his personality, consistency, athleticism, and heart.
Exterminator’s staggering success would dramatically change the world of horse-racing. He challenged the notion that American horses would never live up to Europe’s meticulously charted bloodlines and became a patriotic icon of the country after World War I. And his longevity established him as one of the public’s most beloved athletes, paving the way for equine celebrities like Seabiscuit and showing Americans they could claim―and love―a famous racehorse as their own.

Merri Meldi – Tevis Cup Magic: Taking on the World’s Toughest 100 Mile Endurance Ride – ID USA
Equine Non-Fiction

Every horse endurance ride has its challenges and difficulties, but the Tevis Cup has 100 miles of it. It's extreme, challenging, relentless, frantic, exhilarating, heart-breaking, exhausting, exasperating, beautiful, treacherous, insane, exciting.
Merri Melde’s dramatic story of her unplanned and unforeseen attempt at the Tevis Cup, the world’s toughest 100 mile endurance ride, will put you in the saddle, gripping the reins, racing the clock to cross the finish line in the 24 hour time limit, on a beautiful, gallant gray horse.

Merri Meldi – Soul Deep in Horses: Memoir of an Equestrian Vagabond
Equine Non-Fiction

Clinging to a four-legged rocket ship among the Pyramids in Egypt. Riding a racehorse on the Curragh in Ireland. Winning a first endurance ride in Texas. Flipping a packhorse down a cliff in California. Flying on a Lord of the Rings horse in New Zealand. Cowgirling it in Idaho. All of these serendipitous equine adventures, and more, are disparate pieces of a puzzle that have merged to create the eclectic, nomadic lifestyle that Merri Melde lives every day with horses. And none of them might have happened if she had not first met the racehorse Fred, who taught her how to fail spectacularly at her dream job.

Dagny Mofid  - Life With Out Stirrups – UT USA
Equine Fiction
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DagnyMofid
Life Without Stirrups A Witty Memoir About One Person's Gallop Through Life

Dagny’s obsession with horses began when she was young and could bounce back from injury. In the beginning, she spent more time being catapulted through the air than actually sitting in the saddle. After a childhood tragedy, however, she is left hanging by a thread and eventually walks away from the magic of Equus. Years later, when adult life becomes as exciting as bone marrow, Merlot gallops into her life. Yes, buying a devil of a horse is just a brilliant solution to midlife boredom. Shaking in her boots, Dagny soon realizes life is not pink. What follows is a winding and often hilarious tale of horses, ice storms, downed electric fences, a nasty hurricane, and one very crazy life. Spanning two countries and five states, the author takes the reader on a very personal, touching journey with profound life lessons.

Valerie Ormond – Believing in Horses – MD USA 
Fiction – Young Adult

Horse crazy Sadie moves for the sixth time to Bowie, Maryland, only to find out that her Navy dad is deploying to Afghanistan for a year. To ease the transition, Sadie's parents reward her with her dream of a lifetime, her own horse. “Lucky,” her beautiful tri-color pinto, quickly becomes her best friend and equine learning partner. Via the internet, Lucky and Sadie come across ten horses in a holding pen waiting to be sold at auction, and Sadie commits to saving them. Sadie's efforts include proposals to horse rescues, grass roots lobbying, a media appearance, school help, and various other efforts to accomplish her mission in a few short months. Along the way, Sadie meets both good and bad people, and experiences joy, fear, disappointment, self-doubt, lost horses, and a level of responsibility she has never known before.

John Royce – Eclipsed by Shadow – MA USA
Equine Children – Young Adult
Author Attending – Panel

Young Meagan Roberts discovers her new foal is a Great Horse of legend ... and is carried into an incredible adventure in history.
This first volume is the darkest book of the trilogy: the journey begins in prehistoric times and follows Meagan's harrowing encounters with Roman chariot racing, the vast horseback army of Genghis Khan and thundering knights of Chivalry.
Eclipsed by Shadow won mainstream critical praise and several national awards including the Eric Hoffer Award for Young Adult Fiction, and the Mom's Choice Award Gold for Young Adult Fantasy.

Lucian Spataro – The Long Ride – AZ USA

Equine Non-Fiction


It was a journey to remember, a record breaking quest to not only cross the country on horseback, but to raise awareness about the environmental challenges our planet faced then and still faces today. Starting in Los Angeles, CA, Lucian Spataro, with the support of his devoted team, rode on horseback coast to coast, completing the remarkable trek in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland 150 days later. In doing so, Spataro rode through the heat of the western desert, and the humidity and driving rains of the Midwest, arriving in the East in time to take in the splendid fall foliage. In the process, the record for a cross-country ride not only fell, but was cut in half. It’s an extraordinary story of endurance and dedication to a cause we should all care about.

Anne J Thomas – Brand Name – Wild Horse Tails – NM USA
Equine Short Stories

With 50,000 wild horses incarcerated in BLM pens, the adoption of 19 was only a drop in the bucket. But to those 19, it made the difference between a life of captivity and a return to freedom along the Santa Fe Trail on the New Mexico range. "Brand Name" is the third in the trilogy of true-life horse tales by Anne J. Thomas. Unlike her two previous books, "Sky-Dog!" and "Cimarron!" Brand Name focusses entirely on her experiences with the BLM, recounting the unique stories of each of her adoptions, painting a full and encompassing picture of what is happening to the last of America's wild horses on public lands. Anne gives a heartfelt narrative of the highs and lows of running a wild horse sanctuary in northeast New Mexico, which is now home to 35 horses. With the realities of drought and financial concerns, off-set by adventure and the fruition of dreams - using historical quotes that hark back to a time when millions of wild horses roamed the West - this book is an entertaining, informative and poignant homage to mustangs and what was once wild in America.

Milton C Toby – Taking Shergar Horse Racing’s Most Famous Cold Case – KY USA
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Equine Magazine Article
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Ireland’s beloved Shergar was stolen by masked gunmen on the night of Feb. 8 193 never to be seen again. With the anniversary of that crime comes the story of a heist that fascinates conspiracy theorists to this day.

Milton C Toby – Noor: A champion Thoroughbred’s Unlikely Journey From California to Kentucky
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Equine Non-Fiction

While Seabiscuit is perhaps the best-known Thoroughbred in history, Charles S. Howard owned another remarkable race horse that should never be forgotten. Howard's Irish-bred Noor dominated the 1950 racing season, setting three world records in victories over Citation and winning the Hollywood Gold Cup by defeating a Triple Crown winner, the Horse of the Year, and the previous year's Kentucky Derby winner. Sadly, that fame faded as he failed to sire champions, and Noor was buried in an unmarked grave in the infield of a training track in Northern California.
In Noor: A Champion Thoroughbred's Unlikely Journey from California to Kentucky, veteran turf writer Milt Toby recounts Noor's colorful career and the inspiring story of racing enthusiast Charlotte Farmer's personal mission to exhume the horse's remains for reburial in Central Kentucky.

L.R. Trovillion  - False Gods – MA USA 

Equine Fiction
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They say there’s no harm in trying. Or is there? Cory Iverson has her sights set on riding in the prestigious Washington International Horse Show—a tall order for even the most experienced competitors. Problem is, she doesn’t even own a horse. But there’s an even bigger problem: she’s a quitter. Not a casual quitter, but a hard-core, serial, when-the-going-gets-tough quitter. This all starts to change, however, when the opportunity arises to rescue the perfect horse from slaughter and work with an experienced trainer who has the means to get her there.

Candace A Wade – Saving Theo for Horse Nation – TN USA
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Equine Magazine Article

Candace Wade will be following firsthand the rehabilitation of a former “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horse. Today, she introduces us to Theo.

Candace A Wade - Horse Sluts: The Saga of Two Women on the Trail of Their Yeehaw
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Equine Non-Fiction

A swelling number of horse riders aren't nubile nymphs and don't start riding as toddlers. Horse Sluts - The Saga of Two Women on the Trail of Their Yeehaw winks at mid-life riders who relate to the feeling "when memories of who we were and what we used to do smash at our egos like bugs on a windshield." Candace Wade and Penelope Langley wrote Horse Sluts to give those riders a leg up on recapturing the yeehaw of youth. "It's how to stand up to fears, how to challenge ourselves. Horse Sluts is for women who refuse to surrender to age, who embrace moving forward; it's for women open to the thrill of freedom, of movement, of power -- okay, of controlling a large animal between her legs. Yeehaw!" Candace and Penelope expose their fears, insecurities and dumb-luck triumphs through their journey of mis-adventures learning to ride as adults. They aren't world renowned horse trainers, riding instructors, dressage champs or rodeo riders. They won't try to teach the readers how to ride or whisper to horses. Their mission is to encourage other adults to grab a little audaciousness. With chapters like: "Crotch Mumps," "Whine and Cheese Ride" and "Putana Paradiso," Horse Sluts is a crazy, funny, honest journey led by two women who can create a party in a grocery storeType your paragraph here.

Susan Cain, EdD, LCSW – Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships
By Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks
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Equine Training
by Dr. Susan Cain (Author), Monty Roberts (Foreword), Debbie Roberts-Loucks (Contributor)
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Foreword by Monty Roberts
“Prepare to learn about leadership from the experts…horses!”
"Prepare to learn about leadership from the experts...Horses!" Leaders today are faced with unprecedented challenges. Leaders have to build relationships that allow for easy transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships provides an engaging case study of inter-species trust between horses and humans. The book features the work of Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts, author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Listens To Horses. The book blends Robert's work as a world leader of non-violent horse training with current research on the value of being a trust-based leader. This unique blend of research, anecdotal stories, and engaging models allows for an interesting and provocative read on how leaders can engage followers in more effective relationships at work.

Susan Cain, EdD, LCSW – The Riding Instructor Styles Assessment: Create a Breakthrough Relationship with your Students!  By Dr. Susan Cain  Horse – IL USA
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Equine Training
by Dr. Susan Cain (Author), Monty Roberts (Foreword), Debbie Roberts-Loucks (Contributor)
Website: www.ridingstyles.com   
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKFkHzMgXRc
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The Riding Instructor Styles Assessment is a new self-scoring Assessment developed by author Dr. Susan Cain. The assessment is designed to help instructors determine their preferred instructional style. Find out how your students experience you, and learn to adjust your style to meet your student’s learning needs.  The Riding Instructor Styles Assessment is adapted from the DISC Personal Profile Assessment, a tool widely used worldwide to help people identify and manage their unique strengths and challenges. 

Susan Cain, EdD, LCSW – The Riding Styles Assessment: Create a Breakthrough Relationship with your Horse!  By Dr. Susan Cain– IL USA
Author Attending –  Panel Guest - Friday
Equine Training
by Dr. Susan Cain (Author), Monty Roberts (Foreword), Debbie Roberts-Loucks (Contributor)
https://www.facebook.com/RidingStyles01/?fref=ts – 33
Website: www.ridingstyles.com   
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKFkHzMgXRc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RidingStyles01/

The Riding Styles Assessment has been created to improve your relationship to your horse. The Assessment includes a 28-item self-assessment, online and printer friendly learning guides, and materials that will guide you toward creating an optimal “fit” to your horse.  Readers will love the adapted use of the DISC Personal Profile, a tool widely used worldwide to help people identify and manage their unique strengths and challenges.  Discover how your approach impacts your horse and how to refine it to get the relationship you want.

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